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ITC Attendance Requirements

The International Training Center in Las Vegas is getting ready to welcome members back for training! In order to provide a safe learning environment, the ITC is requiring all attendees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Your COVID-19 vaccination status can now be recorded on your TVC (Training Verification Card) to confirm eligibility to attend the ITC and for when it is a requirement on the job. If you would like to display your COVID-19 vaccination record on your TVC card, a consent form must be filled out and returned to your Local admin along with a copy of your vaccination record.

Click here to download the consent form. 

Please submit your signed consent form and proof of vaccination by taking a picture and emailing it to your Local admin.

Local 219: dhammond@easternmillwrights.com 
Local 443: sbee@easternmillwrights.com 
Local 715: mdelsordi@easternmillwrights.com 
Local 1121: scensullo@easternmillwrights.com 
Local 1163: kweeden@easternmillwrights.com 

Alternatively, you can drop this documentation off at your Local Union Hall or send a copy of your proof of vaccination/signed consent form in the mail to your Local Union Hall.