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How to Set Up Text Messaging with MIX 20/20

How to sign up for MIX 20/20 text messaging:

1. Sign up via phone call

If you have not called the MIX line since November 26th, 2018, call (800) 236-5113. You will hear an automated message asking if you would like to sign up for text messaging. Follow the prompts to sign up for this service and you will be on the list to receive text messages. Click here to follow the steps on the script.
- This option will only be given to you the first time you call the MIX line after November 26th, 2018 – if you bypass it, you will not get this option again via phone call.

2. Sign up via your online MIX account

• Login to your online account at
• Your username will be your UBC number (without the U) and the password will be the PIN number you selected when signing up for MIX 20/20
- If you have never called the MIX line, your PIN will be the last four digits of your social security number
• Locate the “Text Notification Number” section that is located on the first page under the “Contact Info” tab

• Select the “Update” button after your cell phone number has been entered 
• You should then receive a green confirmation message next to the update button stating that the change has been saved

If you click on the “i” symbol next to the Text Notification Number section, it will display a blurb about the text messaging feature


3. Sign up via email

Email with your cell phone number to sign up for the text messaging service.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact Christy Suess by emailing Find out more about MIX 20/20 by visiting