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Local 1121 Retiree Announcement


To ensure that you receive all benefit checks, 1099's and important communications regarding the New England Carpenters Benefits Fund, please ensure that your contact information is up-to-date at all times with the Benefits Fund. You should notify the Benefits Fund if:

  • You have a new address - permanent or temporary. This will ensure there are no delays in your pension payments, even if you are paid via direct deposit or sent these payments electronically 
  • You have a new phone number
  • You have a new email address, or have not provided your email address to the Benefits Fund previously 
  • Your bank account information has changed for your pension deposits

After your contact information has been changed with the Benefits Fund, please contact the Local 1121 Hall at (617) 254-1655 to update your information there as well. It is important to contact both the Benefits Fund and Local 1121 Hall separately if your contact information has changed.

Finally, if you decide to return to work, please contact the Benefits Fund so that they may review your options with you. The phone numbers for the New England Carpenters Benefits Funds can be found below: 

Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont: 1-800-344-1515 

Connecticut: 1-203-281-5511 

Rhode Island: 1-401-467-6813