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TVC Vaccination Verification

In order to meet the demands of our contractors, the UBC has launched an online portal to upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination through Training Verification Cards. The portal can be accessed through the UBC Mobile App or right from your TVC Card. Once you click submit, your information will be sent to your local training center and they will approve or deny your submission. After that, the image of your card will be safely removed from our system and no one will have access to it.†

Follow the steps below to upload your vaccination card:†

Step 1: Take a picture on your phone of your vaccination card after you have completed your vaccination cycle.†
Step 2: Scan your TVC Card.†
Step 3: Click on Submit COVID-19 Vaccination Confirmation.†
Step 4: Enter the last four digits of your SSN/SIN and your birthdate.†
Step 5: Press Attach Vaccine Card.†
Step 6: Choose the picture of your Vaccine Card from your phoneís photo gallery.†
Step 7: Click Yes, I agree and then click Submit.

Frequently asked questions and a printout of the directions can be found†HERE.