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Mix 20/20: Your Online Account

Mix 20/20 offers an online account that contains information that your Local utilizes when sending out job calls. It is important that this information is accurate so that we can ensure that you are receiving all of the job dispatch calls that you are eligible for. Your online account is located at

Your username is your UBC number without the U.
Your password is the four digit pin code you selected when first signing up with MIX 20/20. If you have never called the MIX 20/20 line, it will be the last four digits of your social security number. 

What is included on your online account?
  • Your contact information (comes straight from your Local Union Hall - if it is incorrect on MIX 20/20, it is also incorrect with your Union Hall)
  • Your mailing address, county, UBC number, Local, member status, and out of work status
  • Your skill set (including the expiration dates of your certifications)
  • Your eligible work areas (this is how the dispatch calls are dispersed)
  • Your work history
  • Union Participation information

 What can you change on your online account?

  • Your override phone number. This is the number that MIX will call instead of the phone numbers listed in Phone 1, Phone 2, and Phone 3
  • Your text notification number. This is the section that allows MIX to send you text messages
  • Your registered auto-login number. This is the telephone number that is registered with MIX that allows you to log in automatically when dialing the MIX 20/20 Member Information Exchange line
  • Your preferred email address that allows MIX to send emails to you

What can’t you change on your online account?
  • Your mailing address. This must be updated with your Local Union Hall
  • Your member status. If you feel that your member status is reflected inaccurately, please get in touch with your Local Union Hall to ensure that all dues were received. 
  • Phone Numbers 1, 2 and 3. These need to be updated by calling your Local Union Hall.
  • Your skills. These are updated in our system as reported to us by the training center. Please allow some time for all changes to become current. If the skill/certification has not been added or updated after a month, please contact your Local Union Hall.
  • Work Area(s). You must call the Local Hall if your work area needs to be updated/changed. If you recently moved, please be sure to provide an updated mailing address to your Local Union Hall as well. 
  • Your work history and union participation information
  • Your out of work status. Please call the MIX 20/20 line at 1 (800) 236-5113 to get on the Out of Work list. 

How to change information on your MIX 20/20 account:

1. Login to your account by going to
2. Locate the section you want to update and begin typing (if you do not see a text box, it means you cannot edit that section online)
3. Select “Update” 

Your Mix 20/20 online account is a great way to access your information when your Local Union Hall has closed for the day and offers convenience to those that prefer to look at the information online opposed to over the phone. We highly recommend utilizing this site as much as possible and to sign up for MIX 20/20 text messaging. To find out how to set up text messages with MIX, visit our News post here.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact Christy Suess by emailing Find out more about MIX 20/20 by visiting