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A Veterans Day Message for All Members

On behalf of the Eastern Millwright Regional Council, I would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to our nation’s military, especially those veterans who also proudly carry their UBC membership card.

We all look for ways to give back to our Veterans, and we at the EMRC have a suggestion: Let’s take our gratitude a step further and help these men and women transition back into civilian life.  Reach out to an active-duty soldier or veteran and let them know that YOUR organization, the UBC, wants to repay their efforts by providing them with a good career that includes a clear path to retirement.

Please share this link with them and encourage them to take a look at

Let him or her know that the UBC needs them to become a professional millwright so that our jobs and economy stays on American soil. Remind them that they are a perfect fit to become a millwright because of their military skills and experience. Ask him or her to join us. Let them know they’d be joining a different band of brothers and sisters, but one that has the same “We Got Your 6” culture.

If you have any questions, please contact your business representative and ask how you can help thank a Veteran by bringing them into the Brotherhood.

Yours in Solidarity,
EST Robert Loubier