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Building Trades Recovery Week

The Eastern Millwright Regional Council is committed to making a difference in prevention and recovery of substance abuse.

This week (April 29th – May 3rd) marked the first ever Building Trades Recovery Week for the city of Boston, MA which was proclaimed by Mayor Marty Walsh on April 29th, 2019. Mayor Walsh gave a short speech at the IBEW Local 103 Hall to raise awareness on substance use and the Opioid crisis in the trades industry. The Building Trades Recovery Week is being hosted by the Building Trades Employers’ Association with support from numerous affiliates in the Trades – including the Eastern Millwright Regional Council. We are proud to support this vital movement that specifically impacts members of the trades. 

The numbers are in – and they are staggering. We know that reaching out can be hard - and sometimes near impossible - when someone is struggling. We encourage you to share your own story with your Brothers and Sisters in hopes that if you share your story - they might just share their story, too. Our hope is that conversation among our members will help break away from the negative stigma and allow members to feel comfortable enough to come forward. We are a Brotherhood: while that does mean that we are there for each other, we also need to take it a step further and look for signs that may indicate a fellow member is struggling, as they may not always reach out for help themselves. Together, we can build a healthy, happy, prosperous Union.

The Building Trades Recovery Week was kicked off on Monday, April 29th by Thomas Gunning III of the Building Trades Employers’ Association with leading statements made by Frank Callahan, President of the Massachusetts Building Trades Council. To get a better understanding of the severity of the issue and to learn how addiction works, John Christian (CEO of the Modern Assistance Program) and Dr. Gregory Acampora (MD for Mass General) walked us through informational presentations. Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston also joined us to share his story on addiction and how his Union roots helped get him through. The seminar ended with a touching, personal story by former Boston Celtic player Chris Herren. Watch as Chris talks about the benefits of sharing his story about addiction and how it changed a student’s life here.

Join us Friday, May 3rd at 11:30 AM EST as we take part in a 150 second (2.5 minute) stand down/moment of silence to reflect on the ongoing opioid epidemic and raise awareness for those struggling with addiction or are in recovery. Learn more here:

Frank Callahan

John Christian

Mayor Walsh with Thomas Gunning III

Chris Herren