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Day of Action for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

A big thank you to all of the following members that came and supported UBC General President Doug McCarron on Saturday, January 30th for a day of action for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Steve Albert, Corey Boucher, Rick Bruley, Dave DeGrace, James Donovan, Bob Fitzmaurice, Dan Fruin, Dennis Grassie, Mitch Hartford, Kevin Irving, Ernie Johnson, Jr., Ernie Johnson, III, Rich Lee, Albert Marquis, Eric Mayne, Dan McDonald, Donna McDonald, Sean McGuirk, Justin Merry, James Ploss, Brett Rainville, Bob Roncaioli, Bruce Shanks, Aaron Waechter, Vicki Wasylishyn, Broden Wells, Wayne Witham, Al Yee and Pete Zbikowski.

Your dedication and support is appreciated!