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EMRC-ATF Updates

As our Council has grown, the Eastern Millwright Regional Council Apprenticeship & Training Fund has expanded.  To provide our members with the most up-to-date information regarding our Apprenticeship Fund, we have compiled the latest information for you. 

The Eastern Millwright Regional Council Apprenticeship & Training Fund is comprised of seven Labor Trustees and seven Management Trustees. Each of our five Locals are represented by a Labor Trustee and a Management Trustee who are making contributions into the funds. Tom Cole is the director of Apprenticeship and Training. The Trustees are as follows:

On the Labor side…
• Robert Loubier, Chairman
• John Del Sordi
• Richard Kelly
• Tim Moriarty
• Rodney Richer
• Brian Scruton
• Jesse Stacy

On the Management side…
• Thomas Gunning, Secretary Treasurer 
• Sean Duggan
• John Dunn
• Randy Edgerly
• Jonathan Miller
• Todd Scarpone
• Clinton Suggs

The EMRC-ATF presently owns three training buildings in Parkersburg, WV, Liverpool, NY, and Allston, MA. The Parkersburg Training Center was newly acquired two months ago, and in 2018 the Liverpool Training Center was purchased. The Liverpool Training Center is currently under renovations with a completion date of early September. 

Over the past four to five years, the EMRC-ATF Trustees have been approached to sell the Allston Training Center property. Randy Sowell, Director of Real Estate for the UBC, was hired to be our point person to handle any transactions and report back to the board with his findings. Right now, we are considering one of many offers to purchase the building and are about 30-90 days away from a Purchase and Sale agreement being completed.
When the Purchase and Sale agreement is completed, we will inform the members of this agreement. Until then, the board of Trustees are weighing the options and offers. If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with a Trustee in person about the EMRC-Apprenticeship and Training Fund. Or, you can send your comments and questions to the Trustees and Chairman in our feedback form here