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Education Opportunities Expanding

The Eastern Millwright Regional Council Apprenticeship Fund is expanding our education opportunities! We are pleased to announce the new pre-apprenticeship program at the Cumberland Country Technical Education Center in Southern New Jersey. This beautiful facility was constructed ALL Union 2 years ago at a cost of 60 million dollars. The CCTEC is a Vocational High School that offers an Engineering Program, Construction Trades Program (including carpentry), Maintenance Mechanic Program and a full welding shop that can test and certify welders. The UBC "Career Connections" curriculum will be used. 

Upon Completion of the program, qualified pre-apprentices will begin our apprenticeship program with a year credit in school-time. Pre-apprentices will still be required to complete the same mandatory on-the-job hours and start out at the entry-level rate of pay. This gives our contractors added value considering the qualified pre-apprentices will start out with a 4-6G welding certification right off of the bat. As an added bonus, there are adult education evening classes that offer the same pre-apprentice curriculum at the CCTEC which casts a much larger net for recruiting new qualified members. Thank you to Tom Sommers (Director of Outreach and Development, Eastern District) for your help with this!

Cumberland County Technical Education Center

We have also begun a new partnership with the Pennsauken High School in Pennsauken, NJ which enables high school graduates to receive credit for trade-specific courses such as Intro to Millwrights, Oxyfuel Cutting, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, One Trade Many Careers and Math for the Trades. Students enrolled under this agreement at Pennsauken High School may be eligible for advanced placement in the apprenticeship program for all competencies successfully mastered and will earn the Career Connections certificate.

Pennsauken High School

A special thank you to LU 715 Council Representative Don Krevetski for his assistance in getting these programs up and running.