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Florida Carpenters Needed After Hurricane Michael

Yesterday, on October 10th, a category 4 hurricane landed on the Florida Panhandle as one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the United States. With the winds just two miles per hour short of categorizing Hurricane Michael as a category 5 hurricane, the powerful storm destroyed several homes and businesses over a matter of hours.

After the storm passes through, carpenters are needed to help rebuild. The Florida Carpenters Regional Council will be working for Florida Power & Light through Union Temporary Services. Wages will be $25.20 per hour plus benefits. Workers must have their own hand tools, skill saw, drill, drop cord and ladder. Please note that while having your own ladder is necessary, not having one will not prevent you from employment.

For members of the Florida Carpenters Regional Council that are interested, please contact your home local as soon as possible.

If you are not a member of the Florida Carpenters Regional Council but would like to learn about this work opportunity, please click here

Our thoughts are with the victims of this catastrophic event.