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New Rigging Recertification Process

There is a new certification process for the Rigger and Signaler program. As of June 20, 2021, there will no longer be a rigging refresher course offered; in place of the refresher, members must follow the CRS (Certified Rigger and Signaler) Recertification process.

As of July 1, 2021

There will no longer be a one-year grace period. Before the four-year certification is up, members will attend the Rigger and Signaler class (Seminar). This training will be a total of five days (approximately 40 hours); four hours will be dedicated to practical practice, three hours dedicated to the written test and the practical test will take place on day five.

The written test will now be at an off-site testing location, with the practical test practice in the morning and the written test afterward. The practical test will still be on a Friday, but this retake will only be required every other time that a member's certification is due to expire. There will be a two-week turnaround on the score of the test.

The rigging recertification test can be challenged, meaning that a member can forego/bypass the training and only take the test. However, failing the test will result in needing to complete the Seminar and take both the written and practical tests again. The practical test must be taken in this instance even if the member had taken the practical test to obtain their current certification.

Fore more information on this matter, please contact the Training Director, Tom Cole, via email: