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The EMRCs Newly Elected Executive Board Officers

Delegates of the EMRC voted on and elected the Executive Board Committee officers on September 12, 2019. The election results are as follows:

Robert Loubier, Executive Secretary Treasurer
Anthony Graziano, President
John Del Sordi, Vice President
Zachary Middleton, Warden
Timothy Moriarty, Conductor
Rodney Richer, Executive Committee Member
Jesse Stacy, Executive Committee Member
Richard Kelly, Executive Committee Member
John Jackson, Trustee
Sean Foley, Trustee
Brian Miller, Trustee

Pictured left to right: John Jackson, Zack Middleton, Tim Moriarty, Bob Loubier, Tony Graziano, Rodney Richer, John Del Sordi, Sean Foley, Jesse Stacy, Brian Miller and Rich Kelly.