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Virginia Residents: Repeal Right To Work

Right-to-Work: We’ve talked about it for years, but how does it affect our union? Our affiliate NERCC said it best back in 2017: “Right-to-Work legislation weakens unions by allowing people to enjoy the benefits of collective bargaining and representation by the union while making dues "optional." It's part of a long con to reduce the wages and working conditions for middle class workers, to give employers that much more power over every workers' future.” (see their blog post here to read more). Virginia residents of Local 443 and Local 219 - take control of your future and call your local representative to repeal the Right to Work legislation. If you’re not sure where to begin, visit and input your zip code to find the contact information for your local representative.

We encourage our members to visit this news post to learn more about the Right-to-Work legislation.