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Local 219 Automatic Dues Payment

Never miss a dues payment again! By allowing Local 219 to charge your credit card automatically either quarterly, semi-annually or annually, you can rest assured that you are always paid up-to-date. The schedule is as follows:

$63.00/Quarterly - charged on the 15th of March, the 15th of June, 15th of September and 15th of December.

$126.00/Semi-annually - charged on the 15th of June and the 15th of December.

$252.00/Annually - charged on the 15th of December.

To sign up and for more information, download the authorization form here. This form can be returned via email at or mailed to the following address:

Millwright Local 219
1013 Centre Rd.
Suite 301
Wilmington, DE 19805

Please contact the Local 219 admin, Donna Hammond, for any additional questions: (215) 569-2558.